Am tage gehe ich; in der nacht fliege ich

An Alternate Reality

John Bellone
19 November
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I’m actually not sure how many times I’ve written one of these pages, probably more than a dozen, but hopefully this will be the last time that I need to write one! In all of my website designing phases, programming phases, and gaming phases I have never actually sat down and made myself a homepage. That’s what this is. Its going to turn into my blog, podcast homepage, and hopefully the center of attention for all the various crazy things that I read about on the internet daily. So here’s a little bit of information about myself:

I was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey on November 19th 1985. So by today’s date, that would make me 19 years old, and going on 20 (boy can’t I wait until I am 21 years old!). I have lived a good majority of my life in southern New Jersey (Ocean County, on the shore, a few miles from the beach) in a town called “Little Egg Harbor.” The town probably has about a 15,000 or so population (hell, might be higher, I don’t keep tabs on this shit). There is not much to do here for a teenager, which is why most of my time spent (not working) is either in Manahawkin (just north) or Toms River (way north).

Yes, I am currently attending college, if that is what you want to call it. I am going to Ocean County College in Toms River, and I am going for a A.S. in Computer Science (and hopefully a minor in Business Administration). I am graduating in the Spring of 2006, as long as everything goes well, and am probably going to be going to the New Jersey Institute of Technology to persue my B.S. in Computer Science. I have been programming since the age of 9 (my Mother taught me BASIC), and from there, have worked with computers ever since. I first got the Internet in 1999, and that’s what started the following projects.

Over the past few years (going on seven) I have worked on website design, web programming, game programming, game design, video games, and I have just recently got into podcasting. I consider myself a good leader, which is why I normally take control of most situations (dealing with running teams in online video games). Most of the projects that are above mentioned where leaded by myself, especially the game design projects, where I have developed my own software firm called Flipside Software.

I wish to be a software programmer, but more specifically, I would like to be a game engine programmer. I am going to school for Business Adminstration as well because I want to turn Flipside into a real game firm, and hopefully, a successful one at that. The languages that I currently know (pretty well): HTML, XHTML, Javascript, PHP, C, C++, D, Visual Basic, Java, and CSS. Some languages that I have not finished learning yet: Perl, AJAX, Javascript, XHTML, D, Java, C.., and ASP. The primary language I work in is C/C++.

As you can clearly see, I don’t see that much daylight (hell, I have taught myself all of the above), and that is precisely why I consider myself a social misfit. I find solitude in computers, I love learning new programming languages, and I love even more being able to do something useful in them. I wish I could take the same outlook on life, but life just seems so much harder when I’m not behind a keyboard typing out what I am thinking.